How do you

Apply for your desired position via the specific posting.
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What should
your application include?

  • A complete CV – show us where you have worked in the past and what your main duties there were
  • Your most recent reference letters
  • Your most important education and professional development records
  • It’s easiest for us if you send us all of your documents in a single PDF document (maximum size 3 MB).


What happens
after you apply?

If we think you might be a good fit for us and that you can successfully perform the assigned tasks, we will be happy to invite you to interview with us.

If we feel that your profile is not a perfect fit for the desired position, we always look through our other open positions as well (as long as you have consented to this in terms of your data). Your profile might fit another area.

If we love your application, but don’t have the right position for you right now, we will contact you to arrange to keep your documents on file as part of our talent pool. After all, a new opportunity might be right around the corner!

We treat all applications as confidential and handle them in accordance with data protection and privacy laws.

How long does
the application process take?

At Capri Sun, we work fast. We aim to give you initial feedback within 14 days. If you haven’t heard from us by then, feel free to contact us. If possible, we will be happy to give you initial feedback on the current status of your application.

Our fundamental goal is to fill a position within 50 days from the date of posting.

What is our
application process like?

We normally hold two interviews. The first one is geared toward getting to know each other better. Someone from HR and your future supervisor are generally present during this interview.

It is followed by another interview, where you meet other people. Depending on the focus of your duties, we may invite you to tour the production facility or your future workplace.