As the name suggests, Original Capri-Sun came first. Its refreshing flavour has and always will be made with real fruit juice and water as its base, with no artificial ingredients.

We’ve recently added a plant-based, naturally sourced sweetener known as stevia, which has allowed us to cut the sugar content of Original Capri-Sun by 50%.Thanks to this new recipe, you can enjoy the great taste of Capri-Sun, with less sugar and still with nothing artificial added.

Available in a range of irresistible flavours, Original Capri-Sun is just right for days out, lunchboxes, after-school adventures or when you simply need a refreshing fruity refuel on-the-go.


Our classic and most popular flavour, Original Capri-Sun Orange is pure sunshine in a pouch.
Another classic Capri-Sun flavour, our Blackcurrant pouches are bursting with tangy goodness.
Original Tropical blends the natural juices of, oranges, passion fruits, pineapples and lemon for the ultimate exotic taste.

Summer Berries

Fruity, sweet and simply delicious, berry lovers will delight in Original Summer Berries, with its blend of blackcurrants, cherries, strawberries and raspberries.
Original Mango will liven up your tastebuds in no time, whatever adventure you’re about to embark on.