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How we make capri-sun

When Rudolf Wild launched Capri-Sun in 1969, he aimed for a natural, portable fruit juice. Since then, we've proudly kept our Original Capri-Sun free from preservatives, artificial flavours and colours, sticking to a simple ingredients list for that timeless taste.

Capri sun's sugar reduction journey

While sugar is a vital energy source, playing a significant role in nutrition, Capri-Sun has been on a sugar reduction journey for a long time now.

Our Original Capri-Sun contains 4.4g of sugar per 100ml – less than most fruit juices! By introducing the natural sugar substitute stevia, we have reduced Capri-Sun's sugar content by 50% without any artificial additives.

Whilst some product ranges use sugar substitutes as part of our sugar reduction journey, for others, all that refreshing taste comes only from the natural sweetness of the fruits themselves. Capri-Sun No Added Sugar and Fruity Water offer a tasty alternative to the Original Capri-Sun for those wanting to enjoy our drinks with no added sugar.

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How does Capri-Sun pouches stay fresh without preservatives?

The secret to how our drinks stay fresh for so long without using preservatives lies in our pouch. Our Original fruit juice drink is poured into the pouch at a temperature of over 80°C, in a process similar to the pasteurising of milk. It is this – and the special protection offered by our pouch – that ensures we don’t need to add preservatives.