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Do you use real fruit juice for Capri-Sun?

Yes, we use real fruit juice from concentrate.

What is in Capri-Sun?

The ingredients in Capri-Sun are natural fruit juice from concentrate, water, natural flavourings, natural antioxidant and sugar [and stevia]. In some countries, we use sweeteners as consumers prefer products with no added sugar.

Where do you source the juice from?

Our juice is a blend of the best fruits from all over the world. We use this blend to maintain the consistent taste of our juice drink.

Are your flavours natural?
Yes, all the Capri-Sun flavours are created by using natural flavourings extracted from plants and fruits.
Where do you source the flavours from?
For our flavours, we’ve partnered with the best suppliers, who are very experienced in creating natural flavourings and extracts. They help us deliver great tasting products that everyone can enjoy.
Is Capri-Sun natural?
All our ingredients come from a natural source and our original fruit juice drink does not contain any artificial colours, artificial sweeteners or preservatives.
We do have sweeteners in some product ranges, as in some countries consumers prefer products with no added sugar and sweeteners instead of sugar.
Is Capri-Sun GMO free?
Yes, Capri-Sun is GMO free.
Where can I find the list of ingredients?
The list of ingredients can be found on the pouch, the multipack or on your local country website.
Why is the Capri-Sun juice drink transparent?
Our Capri-Sun juice drink contains around 10% juice which is why some flavours are more transparent.
Are there vitamins in Capri-Sun?
All our Capri-Sun varieties contain the vitamins that are naturally present in fruit juices. Our squash is also enriched with extra essential vitamins.
Is there sugar in Capri-Sun?
We use various types of natural sugar depending on taste preferences in different markets. Our aim is to cater to diverse preferences globaly.
Why is there sugar in Capri-Sun?
Fruit juice is an essential ingredient in our drinks, and it naturally contains fruit sugars. We also add sugar to act as a natural preservative and enhance flavours.
How much sugar is in Capri-Sun?
Different ranges and flavours of Capri-Sun contain different amounts of sugar. For more information, have a look at the back of the pouch or cardboard box, or visit your local Capri-Sun website.
Can't you create a Capri-Sun without sugar?
Fruit juice is an essential part of Capri-Sun and it contains naturally occuring fruit sugar. That’s why it’s not possible to make Capri-Sun without sugar. But we offer different product ranges with various amounts of sugar, including our Zero added sugar range, so every consumer can choose their preferred version of Capri-Sun.
Why have you reduced the sugar in Capri-Sun?
We’ve been on a sugar reduction journey for a number of years now in order to keep up with the changing taste preferences and needs of consumers. We’ve reduced the amount of sugar in our original Capri-Sun by more than 25% over the past 50 years. In the UK, the sugar content was reduced from over 10 grams per 100ml to only 4.5 grams per 100ml.
Do you use sweeteners in Capri-Sun?
In some countries, we only use natural sugar, while in others, we add sweeteners from natural sources such as stevia. In 2024, we launched our new Capri-Sun Zero range in the UK and Germany, using sweeteners to maintain the same great taste our consumers love. Our aim is to cater to diverse preferences across the globe.
What do you use to sweeten the sugar reduced Capri-Sun products?
In some countries, to create the great taste of our fruit juice drink, we use a combination of sugar, natural flavourings and natural fruit juice. However, in others we use a combination of (fruit) sugar, stevia – a sweetener from a natural source – natural flavourings and natural fruit juice. In 2024, we launched our new Capri-Sun Zero range in the UK and Germany, using sweeteners to maintain the same great taste our consumers love.
How many calories does a Capri-Sun have?
On each package you find the nutritional value table. There you also find the calories that your flavour contains. Most Capri-Sun flavours have between 19 and 40 kilocalories (kcal) per 100ml. This is comparable to apple juice (about 46 kcal).
Can I drink Capri-Sun as a person with diabetes?
Most Capri-Sun flavours contain less than 10 g of carbohydrates per 100 ml. The nutritional values are shown individually for each product in our product section on the website.
Is Capri-Sun vegan/vegetarian?
Capri-Sun is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.
Is Capri-Sun lactose free?
Capri-Sun is lactose free.
Is Capri-Sun gluten free?
Capri-Sun is gluten free.
Is Capri-Sun Halal?
Our range is vegetarian and free from alcohol. While Capri-Sun products are not officially certified as Halal and do not carry Halal logos, we believe our drinks to be suitable for a Halal diet.
Is Capri-Sun Kosher?
No, Capri-Sun is not Kosher certified.
Is Capri-Sun free of alcohol?
Yes, Capri-Sun is free of alcohol.
Does Capri-Sun contain gelatine?
No, Capri-Sun does not contain any gelatine.
Can Capri-Sun pouches be frozen?
Yes, you can freeze your Capri-Sun pouches for a delicious summer popsicle treat – you are going to love it.
What is the new Capri-Sun pouch and what makes it recyclable?
The new, recyclable pouch is made from mono-material which allows the pouch to be recycled, whereas previously the laminated combination of different materials made the pouch non-recyclable in recycling centers. It is certified as fully recycle-ready and externally verified by the Institute Cyclos-HTP, confirming its recyclability.
Why did Capri-Sun launch a recyclable pouch?
At Capri-Sun, we're not just a family-owned business, but a family with a big heart for our planet. Packaging waste is no fun, and it's time for a change!
We are on a journey to improve our packaging and to bring more sustainable solutions to the market, building on the continuous improvements we’ve made to our pouch since its invention 50 years ago.
Does the new recyclable pouch affect the taste?
No! Our new pouch maintains that same great taste and quality you know and love. No compromises here, it's got all the qualities of our original pouch, but with a sprinkle of eco-friendly fun.
Does the recyclable pouch have the same characteristics as the traditional pouch?
With our recyclable pouch, durability meets sustainability, giving you a long-lasting companion when you’re on the go. It's just as stable as the traditional pouch, so you can trust it to hold up and keep your drinks safe.
How do I recycle the new pouch?
Recycling rules tend to differ country by country. To uncover the exact steps, consult the information on the back (200ml) or front (330ml) of your pouch.
The recyclable pouch is still made from plastic, how will it decrease impact on the environment?
Our new, recyclable pouch may be made from plastic, but it's got a secret eco-friendly superpower. It is made of mono-material, which makes all the difference. Before, our pouches were a mix of different materials, making them non-recyclable. When the pouch is launched in the EU, it will remove 2'300 tons of aluminium per year for both the small and the big pouch together. The new, recyclable pouch also has the lowest carbon footprint of any beverage packaging in the world. Compared to other standard packaging forms, the new, recyclable pouch is the lowest CO2 footprint beverage packaging in the world. By introducing the new pouch, we reduce CO2 emissions by a further 25% compared to our current pouch which was already weighing only a fifth of a comparable PET bottle, saving carbon emissions during transport. We're talking less waste, fewer resources used, and a happier planet.
Why don‘t you use different packaging materials, such as cardboard instead of plastic?
Our current pouch material provides excellent protection for your drinks. It's a robust barrier that prevents leaks, breakage, and contamination. We want to ensure that every sip you take is not only delicious but also safe and secure! It's lightweight, portable, has a longer shelf life, and is all in all easier to handle than cardboard, making it ideal for on-the-go occasions. However, we're constantly exploring sustainable alternatives and do use cardboard for multiplacks, made from 60 % recycled paper.
What is the pouch made of?
The secret of our lightweight and flexible packaging is the robust foil. The foil provides the necessary stability and preserves the taste on the inside. Yet the drink pack is still a flyweight: the classic Capri-Sun drink pack weighs just 4.62 g including the straw, making it lighter than a normal sheet of A4 paper.
Is the pouch environmentally friendly?
Our pouch is a unique high-tech product that uses only a minimum of packaging material, enabling us to use less energy in creating and transporting our products. The pouch is extremely lightweight – it weighs just 4.62g including the straw. Our packaging contributes to just 6% of our total transported weight. Compared to other standard packaging forms the new, recyclable pouch is the lowest CO2 footprint beverage packaging in the world.
Is the Capri-Sun pouch recyclable?
Our new, recyclable pouch is made from mono-material which allows the pouch to be recycled, whereas previously the laminated combination of different materials made the pouch non-recyclable in recycling centers. It is certified as fully recycle-ready and externally verified by the Institute Cyclos-HTP, confirming its recyclability.
Why do you continue to use the pouch?
Our pouch is who we are, and we are proud of the unique design that fulfils many demands. Using only the minimum amount of packaging materials, we need less energy to create and transport our products. Also, our pouch is durable and maintains the freshness of our fruit juice drink without the use of preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. Compared to other standard packaging forms, the new, recyclable pouch is the lowest CO2 footprint beverage packaging in the world.
Why did you replace the plastic straw with a paper straw in the EU?
We recognize our role in reducing the impact of packaging waste on the environment. That's why we're happy to say we launched our paper straw in the EU in 2020 saving more than 400 tons of plastic every year. Our paper straw is fully recyclable.
Is the paper for the straw certified?
Yes, the paper straw consists of FSC certified paper.
How should I dispose the pouch, straw and multipack?
Take the straw out of the pouch and put the pouch in the bin, and the paper straw in the paper bin. The cardboard box of the multipack can simply be folded and disposed of in the paper waste. Our recyclable pouches can be conveniently deposited for recycling at major supermarkets.
What is a tethered cap?
Our popular 330ml pouch now has a tethered cap system – an easy-to-use lid attached to the top of the pouch. In line with upcoming EU regulation, the new cap is made with less plastic than the previous version, is certified recyclable and will help reduce littering.
How do you open the lid properly?
To open, twist the lid back a quarter turn until it clicks and pops open. You can then lift the cap, hold to one side, and enjoy. To close the lid, just press down or twist back a quarter turn again until closed.
When is the pouch with the new cap coming to market?
The new tethered cap 330ml pouches are available as of January this year. Availability in markets and retail partners will vary as we roll out the new pouches throughout the year.
How can consumers recycle the pouch with the tethered cap system?
Our new tethered cap 330ml pouch is designed to be easier to recycle than ever before. When consumers are finished enjoying their Capri- Sun drink, they can simply place the pouch with the cap still attached in the recycling bin. Consumers should check local recycling operators for more details on recycling at-home and on-the-go.
What are the Capri-Sun Squash bottles made of?
The bottles for our dilutables range are made from recycled plastic.
Are the Capri-Sun Squash bottles recyclable?
We are delighted that the bottles for our Capri-Sun Syrup and Squash ranges are made from recycled plastic. The bottles are fully recyclable and we encourage consumers to dispose of this packaging according to local recycling standards.
What flavours do you offer?
Currently we offer:
Capri Sun Cherry: A blend of Sour Cherry, Apple, Pomegranate, and Aronia.
Capri Sun Tropical: A fusion of Lemon, Orange, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, and Apricot fruit juices.
Capri-Sun Orange: A fusion of orange and lemon fruit juices.
Capri-Sun Jungle: A blend of lemon, orange, pineapple, and a hint of passion fruit juices, complemented by guava puree.
Capri-Sun Apple and Blackcurrant: A blend of apple, blackcurrant and lemon fruit juices.
Capri-Sun Orange Squash: Our signature orange flavour.
Capri-Sun Tropical Squash: A fusion of orange, pineapple, and passion fruit juices.
Capri-Sun Summer Fruits Squash: A blend of apple, sour cherry, strawberry, raspberry, and blackcurrant fruit juices.

Keep your eyes peeled for new flavours!
What packaging sizes do you offer?
We offer:
200ml pouch with a straw
330ml re-sealable pouch
1L bottle of Capri-Sun Squash (makes 50 glasses of Capri-Sun squash when diluted with water)
Why is the range different in every country?
Flavour preferences are not only different among people, but also vary considerably from one region to the next. Because we want to provide something that appeals to the people of each country, we alter our juice drink recipes slightly or create entirely new variations.
How do you produce Capri-Sun?

Fruit juice concentrate and natural flavours are mixed with water and sugar. Because we don’t use preservatives in our pouches, we must pack our beverages at high speed and under strict quality control standards. The natural ingredients are placed inside the pouch at temperatures over 80°C – similar to the pasteurisation process – ensuring there are no bacteria or germs present. The pouch is immediately vacuum sealed and cooled to avoid any condensation. After this, straws are attached, and the pouches are placed into the cardboard boxes.

Do you have an outlet store?
Unfortunately, not. There is no Capri-Sun outlet store.
Who invented Capri-Sun and what is the success story behind the juice drink?
Capri-Sun was invented by Rudolf Wild. The first juice drink was launched in 1969. Our all-natural philosophy dates back to his founding purpose: only natural food products and no chemicals. Today, Capri-Sun is available in over 100 countries. The formula for our success lies in our all-natural product, unique packaging and constant innovation.
Who owns and manages Capri-Sun today?
Capri-Sun has always been owned by the Wild family. Today, the company is based in Baar, Switzerland and the main production site is in Heidelberg, Germany. The company group is further comprised of different subsidiaries such as Pouch Partners – the producer of our unique pouch. Capri-Sun is led by an international management team striving for innovation and excellence.
What do you do to educate consumers on recycling?
We use our website, social media channels and the packaging design to educate consumers on disposing of the pouch and packaging. We also work with our partners to maximise the collection, sorting and recycling of Capri-Sun waste.
Why did the freshly opened Capri-Sun I drank taste strange?
Our juice drink is preservative free, which means it can go bad if it’s exposed to air. The juice will first start to ferment and later mould will start to grow. This is a natural process that affects the taste and consistency of the juice drink and isn’t harmful to your health. However, we do not recommend drinking it.
Why is there mould in a freshly opened Capri-Sun?
If the fruit juice is exposed to fresh air, naturally occurring mould can develop because our juice drink doesn’t contain artificial preservatives. This can happen if the pouch is punctured or compromised on the way from our facilities to the grocery store. Even if the hole is so small that you can barely see it, it exposes the drink to air, which causes mould to grow. The same happens to a fresh fruit – if the skin is punctured, mould will start to grow.
Will the mould in a freshly opened Capri-Sun make me sick if I accidentally drink it?
If there is mould in the pouch, it is naturally occurring and not harmful. It’s therefore unlikely to make you sick. However, if you show any symptoms, consult a doctor.
Can I drink from a pouch that is blown up like a balloon?
Please don’t drink from a blown-up pouch. The blown-up appearance is most likely the result of a fermentation process that has started inside the pouch after the content was exposed to air. This could have happened if the pouch got punctured during shipping or in the store.
What should I do if I find mould/foreign particles in my freshly opened Capri-Sun or if the pouch is blown-up?
Please contact us via the contact form on your local website and do not drink from the affected pouch. We´d appreciate it if you could hang on to the pouch and box so that we can take a closer look to find out what happened.
I bought a 10 pack of Capri-Sun and the product is faulty. What can I do?
Although we have many quality checks in our production, mistakes can happen.
Please contact us using the contact form on your local website.