The original and iconic Capri-Sun brings fun moments into our everyday lives. This delicious and refreshing drink comes in a number of flavour variations catering tastes around the globe.




The same great taste, zero added sugar. The latest addition to our product portfolio offers you the same iconic taste without compromising on taste. Only containing small amounts of natural sugar from fruit juice.


Big pouch


We’ve made a bigger Capri-Sun in 330ml for all who are on-the go: More delicious Capri-Sun and a re-closable cap for a big-time refreshment in many different flavours! Open. Enjoy. Close. Repeat.




Experience the magic of Capri-Sun Squash - effortlessly refreshing and easy to enjoy. Simply add water to unlock the vibrant flavors that make every sip a celebration. Made with real fruit juice, loaded with vitamins, and a recycled and recyclable packaging.