Fruity goodness you can trust

All our delicious drinks are packed with juicy goodness, using real fruit juice and are free from preservatives and artifical flavours or colours. This includes our no added sugar options. Plus, you can now enjoy the great taste of Original Capri-Sun with 50% less sugar and nothing artificial thanks to our new recipe.

✓ Only natural flavours | ✓ GMO free | ✓ Gluten free
✓ Suitable for vegetarians/vegans | ✓ Allergen free | ✓ BPA free
Same great taste, 50% less sugar.

As the name suggests, Original Capri-Sun came first. Its refreshing flavour has and always will be made with real fruit juice and water as its base, with no artificial ingredients.

We’ve recently added a plant-based, naturally sourced sweetener known as stevia, which has allowed us to cut the sugar content of Original Capri-Sun by 50%.Thanks to this new recipe, you can enjoy the great taste of Capri-Sun, with less sugar and still with nothing artificial added.

Available in a range of irresistible flavours, Original Capri-Sun is just right for days out, lunchboxes, after-school adventures or when you simply need a refreshing fruity refuel on-the-go.

Orange Our classic and most popular flavour, Original Capri-Sun Orange is pure sunshine in a pouch.

Blackcurrant Another classic Capri-Sun flavour, our Blackcurrant pouches are bursting with tangy goodness.

Tropical Original Tropical blends the natural juices of oranges, passion fruits, pineapples and lemons for the ultimate exotic taste.

Summer Berries Fruity, sweet and simply delicious, berry lovers will delight in Original Summer Berries, with its blend of blackcurrants, cherries, strawberries and raspberries.

Mango Original Mango will liven up your tastebuds in no time, whatever adventure you’re about to embark on.
Big Pouch
Big Pouch. Big Refreshment.

Created for big ‘kids’ on the go, our Big Pouch brings the same great taste of Capri-Sun in a larger format, with a convenient resealable, cap for quick and easy hydration on-the-go.

Big Pouch comes in two varieties - Orange and No Added Sugar Orange and Lemon. Both are made with real fruit juice and spring water and are free from preservatives, artifical flavours and colours.

Open. Enjoy. Close. Repeat.

Original - Orange Nothing artificial here! Just the same great taste of our classic and most popular juicy orange flavour in a bigger pouch.

No Added Sugar - Orange and Lemon Thanks to the natural sugars from the fruit juice and the addition of sucralose, we’ve sealed in the sweetness with none of the calories to our Orange and Lemon Big Pouch, so you can soak up its great taste without worrying about sugar intake.
No Added Sugar
A sweet option when you want to say ‘no’ to sugar.

We know that more of you are increasingly commited to cutting down on sugar so we created the No Added Sugar range especially for you and your little ones.

All our No Added Sugar drinks are made from real fruit juice, plus water, and are free from preservatives, colours and artificial flavours. The addition of sucralose keeps all flavours in the range tasting great, without the addition of sugar.

Blackcurrant A classic Capri-Sun flavour, with no added sugar; our Blackcurrant pouches are bursting with these zingy little berries.

Orange Pure sunshine in a pouch. Our most popular flavour, with no added sugar.

Tropical Enjoy a tangy, tropical taste with the natural juices of lemons, oranges, passion fruits and pineapples, without any added sugar.

Summer Berries Blending blackcurrants, cherries, strawberries and raspberries, this No Added Sugar option is fruity, sweet and simply delicious, without the sugar hit.
Fruity Water
97% water + 3% fruit = Water fun

The recommended amount of liquid for children is 6-8 glasses per day but many parents will agree that achieving this can be quite a challenge. Mums have told us plain water sometimes just isn’t fun or exciting enough for kids.

That’s why we created Capri Sun Fruity Water, which is made from real fruit juice (3%), plus water (97%) and free from preservatives, artificial colours and flavours.

The addition of sucralose, means Capri-Sun Fruity Water tastes fruitier that your average water, so kids love it, whilst being majority water means they’ll rehydrate with every sip.

Mango & Passionfruit
The exotic real juices of mango and passionfruit are added to 97% water in this tangy Fruity Water option.

Quickly quench your thirst with the addition of punchy real blackcurrant juice to this 97% water drink.