Tackling the jargon

When it comes to making healthy choices, there’s so much confusing jargon out there that it can be hard to know if you are making the right choices for you and your family. At Capri-Sun we don’t believe in blinding you with science so we’ve created this jargon-busting guide.
If you have any more questions or would like anything else explained about our drinks please get in touch. For more information, you can also check our FAQs.
Nothing artificial / Free from
Where a product states it contains nothing artificial, it means it does not contain anything that doesn’t exist in nature. The most common artificial ingredients are flavours, colours, preservatives and sweeteners.

No Added Sugar
A product that is labelled “No Artificial Sugar” or “No Added Sugar” means that no sugar has been added. This doesn’t mean that it contains no sugar at all and many products will feature naturally occurring sugars, such as the real fruit juice found within all our Capri-Sun drinks. If sugars are naturally present, the label should tell you so stating ‘this product contains naturally occurring sugars’
Many products that state “No Added Sugar” include artificial sweeteners. Check the ingredients list for details of these.

From concentrate
Fruit juices are available in two essential forms: “not from concentrate” and “from concentrate”. Juices made from concentrate are still made from real fruit juice the only difference is that the water has been extracted from the juice to create a more concentrated form of the juice.
Creating a concentrate makes it easier and more environmentally friendly to transport juice from the fruits’ location to where it will be sold. Once it reaches its destination, the water is added back to bring the fruit juice back to its original strength.

Artificial sweeteners
Sweeteners that are manmade and do not occur in nature. They are sometimes added to create a sweeter flavour, without increasing the sugar content, therefore the drinks they are used in are ‘low in’ or ‘contain no’ calories. Capri-Sun uses artificial sweetener in its “No Added Sugar” range.

Sweeteners from a natural source
Sweeteners that exist in nature. For instance, stevia, which is used in Original Capri-Sun and Capri-Sun Fruit Water, comes from the leaves of a particular variety of chrysanthemum. This natural sweetener is 200 times sweeter than table sugar so a little goes a long way.

Low calorie/low energy
A claim that a food is low in energy or calories means that the product does not contain more than 20kcal (80 kJ) per 100ml of liquid.

Low sugar
If a drink is low sugar, it means that it contains no more than 2.5g of sugars per 100ml of liquid.

Sugar-free products contain no more than 0.5g of sugars per 100ml.

Summary of Capri-Sun range
VariantsLow Calorie= Less than 20kcal per 100mlLow Sugar = Less than 2.5g per 100mlSugar Free = Less than 0.5g per 100ml
No Added SugarYESYESNO
Free from preservatives
Food and drink exposed to the air will be naturally colonised by the yeasts and mould that are present in the air. These can spoil food and drink, making it unfit for consumption. To avoid this, preservatives are used to keep food fresh for longer.

At Capri-Sun we don’t add preservatives to our drinks, because, thanks to the pouch, we can heat treat (pasteurise) Capri-Sun products so that no moulds, yeasts or bacteria are present. Our pouches and their contents remain sterile until the drink is opened. So it really is thanks to our handy little pouch that we don’t need to add any preservatives.

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