Sugar Reduction


Come with us on Capri-Sun’s sugar reduction journey

Capri-Sun has been on a sugar reduction journey for a long time now.
Since we first launched our drinks in their unique pouches, back in 1969, our fruit juice drinks have stayed ahead of the game and anticipated the tastes of each generation. And so, today, we offer you the drinks you love with a choice of reduced sugar, sugar alternatives and even without any added sugar at all.

Let's explore how our sugar reduction journey has evolved.

Changing times, changing Capri-Sun

Back in 1969, the UK’s diet and lifestyle were, to say the least, different.
  • Spag bol or an Indian takeaway was about as exotic as we got with our meals.
  • Fast food was on the rise, as hamburger chains spread into our towns and cities.
  • A newly launched sugar-filled powdered dessert was initially promoted as a health food as it was whisked into a mousse with milk.
  • As a nation, we didn’t care much about our sugar intake, fresh ingredients or nutritional values.
How times have changed.
  • Today there are foods from all over the world available throughout the year in our supermarkets.
  • We prefer to source food locally and fresh.
  • And we carefully monitor our food & drink intake trying to strike a balance.
Capri-Sun understands parents’ focus on wellbeing and a healthier lifestyle for their children. And we’ve been making sure we provide this as part of our ongoing sugar reduction journey.
Our range now offers more choice than ever for those wishing to reduce their sugar intake – and our latest addition, fruity water, actually contains no sugar whatsoever.
In fact, whichever Capri-Sun drink you choose, you can be certain that:
  • The sugar content is similar to a glass of apple juice, that has been diluted with water 1:1.
  • It contains less sugar than the threshold limit for the UK’s sugar tax (5g/100g).
The 2018 sugar tax was just one indication of the UK’s increased awareness of sugar in the national diet. We’re proud to say that none of our drinks have ever qualified for the tax – we’ve been reducing the sugar in our drinks for quite some time.

Let’s take a look at how far we’ve come.

How Capri-Sun has reduced sugar in its drinks

Capri-Sun can now be enjoyed in no-added-sugar drinks or in drinks with reduced sugar content.

Consumed in moderation sugar is an essential part of our diet: the WHO recommends the consumption of free sugar should be a maximum of 7-10% of our daily energy intake. This equates to between 37.5g and 50g of sugar. In a pouch of Original Capri-Sun there is just 9.8g of sugar, or less than 10-15% of this daily intake.
One of the difficulties in reducing sugar is that it helps to enhance the flavour of fruits and acts as a natural preservative. Sugar is also an excellent natural source of energy, which is why Capri-Sun is an ideal drink when you need a quick energy boost after exercise.

Capri-Sun Fact: In a pouch of Original Capri-Sun there is just 8.8 g of sugar, or less than 20-30 % of the recommended daily intake of free sugars by the WHO.

In recent years concerns over the amount of sugar in our diet has led to increased demand for low-sugar or no-added-sugar options. Yet, at the same time, people have grown up with favourite flavours and tastes – and reducing sugar changes not just the sweetness but the flavour of drinks.
We have worked steadily to reduce the sugar in our drinks without losing the great taste that makes Capri-Sun the drink you love.
Since 1969 we’ve removed about 25% of the sugar from our drinks worldwide. In the UK, because you prefer less sugar and more sugar alternatives, we’ve reduced it by 50%.

Capri-Sun Fact: Capri-Sun was born as an all-natural brand!
  • - No artificial flavours
  • - No artificial colours
  • - And less sugar than ever before


The balancing act for us has been to reduce the sugar without losing that great taste. And you tell us that we’ve achieved this.

We halved the sugar content in our Original Capri-Sun by adding a natural sugar alternative known as stevia. With stevia, a sweetener from a natural source, we have made sure that Capri-Sun remains a natural fruit juice, retains that same great taste and contains much less sugar. In fact, we managed to reduce our sugar content from 10g per 100ml to 4.9g. Dramatic as it may seem, it’s actually just another part of our ongoing sugar reduction journey.


We’ve changed with the times

As well as reducing sugar we also have made sure we offer you more choice.

Alongside our reduced sugar drinks, you can now choose no added sugar drinks – and our aim is to offer more and more choice so that you can continue to enjoy our drinks as part of your family’s preferred lifestyle.

To help you make this choice, we always provide clear labelling about the ingredients and nutritional value of our drinks on every pouch. And to extend your choice, we have made our drinks available in two portion sizes.

Thanks for coming with us to learn about our sugar reduction journey: we’ve been accompanying you on the same journey since 1969.