The fruity taste of Capri-Sun is loved by adults and children around the world. To create the distinctive taste of our Original Capri-Sun, a specific amount of sugar is added to the recipe, depending upon the product range. On the back of every pouch, we indicate the sugar content and all other nutritional values of the product.

Sugar in Capri-Sun


One ingredient of our Original Capri-Sun is sugar. There are 4.4 grams of sugar in 100 milliliters of Original Capri-Sun. This is less than the amount of natural sugar that you’ll find in most fruit juices, which contain 7 to 12 grams in an equivalent serving.


Capri-Sun Fact: Our Original Capri-Sun (100 millilitres) has 4.4 grams of sugar.


The role of sugar

Sugar is a carbohydrate, which means it is fuel for our body. As a source of energy, sugar plays an important role in our nutrition. For instance, did you know that our brain alone needs energy equivalent to 140 grams of sugar daily? Or that sugar is one of the best ways to rapidly replace lost energy?

However, sugar should of course be consumed in moderation.

How much sugar is in Capri-Sun Original?

Original Capri-Sun*Sugar content per 100 ml
Capri-Sun Orange4.4 g + stevia
Capri-Sun Blackcurrant4.4 g + stevia
Capri-Sun Tropical4.4 g + stevia
With the addition of a sugar substitute from a natural source, stevia, we were able to reduce the amount of sugar in Capri-Sun by 50 per cent. And, what’s more: it still contains no artificial ingredients.

Capri-Sun Fact: With the addition of the natural sweetener stevia, we were able to reduce the amount of sugar in Original Capri-Sun by 50 per cent.


Capri-Sun without added sugar

With some product ranges, we have added other sugar substitutes as part of our sugar reduction journey, and in others, all that refreshing taste comes only from the natural sweetness of fruits themselves. Capri-Sun No Added Sugar and Fruity Water offer a tasty alternative to the Original Capri-Sun for those wanting to enjoy our drinks with no added sugar.

How much sugar is in Capri-Sun No Added Sugar?

There is no added sugar in Capri-Sun No Added Sugar, but as there’s juice in the product, it contains a low amount of fruit-sugar from fruit juice.
Capri-Sun No Added Sugar*Sugar content per 100 ml
Capri-Sun No Added Sugar Orange0.8 g
Capri-Sun No Added Sugar Apple and Blackcurrant0.8 g
Capri-Sun No Added Sugar Multi Vitamin0.7 g

* Addition of sweeteners.

And that’s not all Capri-Sun can do!
Despite their longer shelf life, all our Capri-Sun products are free of artificial colours and preservatives. Due to its innovative packaging, Capri-Sun is free of the chemical BPA, which is often used in the production of plastics, and is also completely free of genetic engineering.
Our sugar reduction process
For years, we have been on a sugar reduction journey, while always closely following the wishes and taste preferences of our many different customers all over the world. For this reason, not all sugar-reduced Capri-Sun product ranges & flavours are available in every country.

More about Capri-Sun’s sugar reduction journey