Capri-Sun Ingredients


A natural taste: the main ingredients in the Original

When Rudolf Wild first created the Capri-Sun drink and pouch in 1969, his aim was to create a natural tasting, refreshing fruit juice beverage that could be enjoyed wherever you are in an easy and practical way.

Since then, we are proud to say, the ingredients of the Original Capri-Sun have never contained preservatives, artificial flavours or artificial colours. In fact, the great taste of our Original Capri-Sun drink is created by a remarkably simple list of ingredients.

Capri-Sun Fact: The ingredients of the Original Capri-Sun have always been all natural from the very beginning in 1969
- No preservatives
- No artificial colours
- No artificial flavours


What are the ingredients of the Original Capri-Sun?

The food labels on the back of every Capri-Sun pouch contain details about the ingredients we use. They also offer a comprehensive at-a-glance summary of our drink’s nutritional information.
We are meticulous in the selection of our fruit and ingredients: only top-quality ingredients find their way into the pouch. Here’s what goes into making up the great taste of our Original fruit juice drink:
  • Water
  • Fruit juice (from a natural concentrate)
  • Sugar or Stevia (from a natural source)
  • Natural flavouring
  • Vitamin C
Which fruit is the sweetest? Can we trust our sense of taste?
Let’s take a look at these natural ingredients in a little more detail.

How does Capri-Sun stay fresh without preservatives?

The secret to how our drinks stay fresh for so long without using preservatives lies in our pouch. Our Original fruit juice drink is filled into it at a temperature of over 80°C, in a process similar to the pasteurising of milk. It is this – and the special protection offered by our pouch – that ensures we don’t need to add preservatives or other artificial ingredients.

Capri-Sun Fact: We take care of your needs. Capri-Sun is:
- Lactose free
- Allergen free
- Gluten free
- Suitable for vegetarians
- Suitable for vegans



The water used in our original fruit juice drink is constantly monitored and tested. Our quality team runs rigorous microbiological and chemical tests on the water before it is used.

Fruit juice

Depending on the flavour, we use a finely balanced mix of fruits. The fruit juice content of the Original Capri-Sun is always around 10 – 12%. Apart from the vitamins that we add into our Multivitamin variety, all of which come from natural sources, it is the naturally occurring vitamins in our fruit that infuses our drinks with vitamins.



The sugar used in our Original Capri Sun not only sweetens our fruit juice drink but it also enhances and deepens the natural fruit flavour and helps to preserve our drink naturally.
Capri-Sun has been on a sugar reduction journey since we first hit the shelves in 1969. Today there is less than 8.8 grams of sugar in a 200-millilitre pouch: that is far less than in an equivalent drink of pure fruit juice.


Steviol glycosides

In our Original Capri-Sun range we have further reduced the sugar content by using a sweetener from a natural source: Stevia (or steviol glycosides). This is extracted from the leaves of the stevia plant. It contains no calories and offers a sweetness that is as much as 150 times more powerful than sugars.

Natural flavours

To enhance the natural fruit juice taste, we use only flavours that come from a natural source.

Ascorbic acid

More commonly known as vitamin C, we use small amounts of ascorbic acid to act as an antioxidant and preservative. The low pH of ascorbic acid helps to preserve our original fruit juice drink’s freshness.
What are the ingredients used in other Capri-Sun products?
Capri-Sun is not only committed to offering you a natural taste: we also offer you choice.
That’s why there is a range of our drinks for you to enjoy. These include drinks with reduced sugar, drinks with no-added sugar, and drinks with water and a splash of fruit juice. To maintain taste and choice we use artificial sweeteners in one of these varieties.

The diagram below highlights the main differences:
The artificial sweeteners that we use (Acesulfame-K and Sucralose) are among the longest used and most-tested sugar substitutes available. Both are calorie free.

How many calories are there in Capri-Sun?
The nutritional content of Capri-Sun can be found on the back of each pouch. Here you will find details of the calories that each drink contains. As a rule of thumb, most Capri-Sun varieties contain 2 to 21 kcal (calories) per 100 ml. To put this in context, this is less than or comparable to 100 ml of pure apple juice (46 kcal) and much less than a 100 ml glass of whole milk (68 kcal).

Capri-Sun Fact: The main ingredients of Capri-Sun are water & fruit juice. 100 ml contain 2 to 21 kcal, which is:
- less than pure apple juice (ca. 46 kcal)
- less than a glass of milk (ca. 68 kcal)


A natural taste

We’ve always been committed to making sure our drinks remain natural, refreshing and fun.
Isn’t it amazing how few natural ingredients can be combined to make such great-tasting drinks – but we’re sure we’ll be discovering a few new ways to keep natural ingredients giving you natural fun.