As the name suggests, Original Capri-Sun came first. Its refreshing flavour has and always will be made with real fruit juice and water as its base, with no artificial ingredients.

We’ve recently added a plant-based, naturally sourced sweetener known as stevia, which has allowed us to cut the sugar content of Original Capri-Sun by 50%.Thanks to this new recipe, you can enjoy the great taste of Capri-Sun, with less sugar and still with nothing artificial added.

Available in a range of irresistible flavours, Original Capri-Sun is just right for days out, lunchboxes, after-school adventures or when you simply need a refreshing fruity refuel on-the-go.


Our classic and most popular flavour, Original Capri-Sun Orange is pure sunshine in a pouch.
Why choose one if you can have them all? Capri-Sun Multivitamin combines the taste pineapple, passion fruit, banana, kiwi, grapefruit and orange in a delicious drink. Really delicious!
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