Sealed in freshness

Capri-Sun’s iconic pouch design is as important to our success as the delicious fruity goodness found within it.

Invented by our founder, Rudolf Wild nearly 50 years ago, the pouch keeps Capri-Sun varieties super fresh, without us ever needing to add a single preservative.

Unlike with plastic bottles, we can fill the pouch with our delicious fruit juice drink at a temperature of over 80 °C, so it sterilises the pouch as it fills up without the need for preservatives. Genius!

Staying chilled is also not a problem for Capri-Sun drinks, as our pouches are designed to keep their contents cooler than other types of packaging, even when they’re not refrigerated.

A trusty travelling companion

As well as preserving the famous Capri-Sun taste, the pouch is super hardwearing and lightweight; perfect for taking it out and about with you.

The laminated foil, made of three ultra-thin layers, is resistant to scratches, tears, light and other outside influences. It passes our intense “rucksack testing” with flying colours.

By keeping the packaging light, we also save on fuel and space requirements in transportation, which helps us be kinder to the environment.

Space age design

So admired for its abilities to keep its contents fresh, our trusty pouch has been used by some of the astronauts in outer space! Since 2010, drinks pouches specially designed by Capri-Sun have been used in the International Space Station (ISS) by The European Space Administration (ESA). How cool is that?
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