Syrup & Squash

The newest members of the Capri-Sun family are loaded with added vitamins and contain no artificial flavours or colours

  • Contain real fruit juice
  • Extra vitamins
  • No artificial flavours or colours
  • Packaging is 100% recycled and fully recyclable

We’re super excited to announce two brand new concentrated juice drinks: Capri-Sun Squash with no added sugar and Capri-Sun Syrup. Both drinks taste super yummy and are simple to enjoy – you just add water. They’re made with real fruit juice and are full of added vitamins. The packaging is also 100% recycled and fully recyclable. Try it out today and you’ll be ready for an adventure!

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Get to know our yummy all-new products: Syrup and Squash!

Capri-Sun Squash

The iconic and beloved Capri-Sun orange flavour is now available as a concentrate. Just add water to it and you’ll get the great taste of Capri-Sun-shine.
Summer Fruits
The fruits of summer come together to quench your thirst and wake up your sense of adventure in this fun, fruity drink.
You know the taste of sunshine? This mouth-watering tropical blend brings together a tasty mix of passion fruit, pineapple and orange.
Apple & Blackcurrant
The delicious freshness of apple and the sweet flavour of blackcurrant combine to treat your taste buds! Enjoy this multi-serve whenever you like.
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Capri-Sun Syrup

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How to drink Capri-Sun Squash & Syrup

Capri-Sun Fact

Capri-Sun Squash and Syrup come in 100% recycled and recyclable PET bottles.