Our Vision

to be the most
sustainable & best-tasting
kids’ drink in the world

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Creating carefree moments

All our products are made from simple recipes – flip our pouch over and you’ll see that our ingredients list is very short. That’s because every Capri-Sun in a pouch is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Capri-Sun shares an iconic taste everywhere in the world, made with slightly different recipes to cater to local preferences.

Meet Sunny
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meet our ambassador

Our ambassador lights up any room with a big smile and cheeky jokes. Sharing the refreshing and lively spirit of Capri-Sun, we can do anything: whether surfing on a wave of fruit flavours or basking in the sunshine. Capturing the imagination of both children and adults alike, our ambassador makes everyone smile.

Our history

always innovating:

the capri-sun story