We’re always on the lookout for new trends and flavours for you. We can also promise you there’s a flavour for everyone. And to ensure that’s the case everywhere, we pursue the international aim of providing flavours that appeal to the people of each country. As such, the recipe can also vary slightly from one country to the next.
You can purchase Capri-Sun in more than 100 countries around the world and it’s popular among young and old alike. Capri-Sun is manufactured at our headquarters in Eppelheim near Heidelberg, Germany, for the German market and many other European countries (IR, SWE, DNK, GB, NL, PT, CZ, TK. NOR, FIN, ISL, IT, BE, ES, FR...). But Capri-Sun is also produced for 23 other countries, including the US, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, China and Ukraine.
Flavour preferences are not only different among people, but also vary considerably from one region to the next. We want to provide something that appeals to the people of each country, which is why there isn’t a single Capri-Sun recipe, but a variety of recipes specially developed for each country. The secret recipe is sometimes also altered slightly or an entirely new variety is created.


What’s inside the Capri-Sun?
All our products are made from simple recipes – flip over our pouch and you’ll see our ingredient list is very short. That’s because every Capri-Sun is free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. We’re meticulous in the selection of our fruit and ingredients. Only top-quality ingredients find their way into the pouch. In addition to fruit juice concentrate, the Capri-Sun pouch contains water, natural flavours and some a little sugar or sweetener
How do you make the original Capri-Sun?
Fruit juice drinks like the Capri-Sun Original are made from a selection of ingredients. These include fruit juice concentrate sourced from the best fruit as well as natural flavours, which for instance are extracted from plants and are not manufactured chemically. That makes the product taste even fruitier! The ingredients are mixed with water and a little sugar, heated and then filled into the pouch. Depending on the variety, a Capri-Sun Original usually features a juice content of between 10 and 12 percent.
How much sugar does Capri-Sun contain?
Capri-Sun offers a great variety of products depending on local preferences from no-added-sugar to full sugar versions. The amount of sugar is different for each product range. Please view the product pages to see how much sugar a specific Capri-Sun product contains.
Can diabetics drink Capri-Sun?
Most Capri-Sun varieties contain less than 10 g of carbohydrates per 100 ml. Each pouch features a nutrition information label, which also specifies how many carbohydrates each variety contains.
How many calories does Capri-Sun have?
Each pouch features a nutrition information label, which also specifies how many calories each variety contains.
Does Capri-Sun contain vitamins?
As the name suggests, the Capri-Sun 200ml Multivitamin variety is packed full of vitamins, many of which we add. All other varieties contain the vitamins that naturally occur in the fruit juices.
Does Capri-Sun contain alcohol?
Capri-Sun is a non-alcoholic beverage. Non-alcoholic beverages have been proven to contain minimal traces of alcohol, as the flavours used are dissolved in alcohol. Alcohol is a natural metabolic product of fruit, and traces are found in every fruit and fruit juice. However, the amount is so insignificant that fruit juice drinks can be declared non-alcoholic.
Is Capri-Sun vegan?
All Capri-Sun products produced in Germany and the UK are vegan. Therefore all products sold in Western Europe are vegan.
And what about lactose?
No Capri-Sun product contains lactose.
Does Capri-Sun contain allergens?
Good news for people who suffer from allergies: no Capri-Sun product contains allergens. But if you suffer from certain food allergies, you should read the list of ingredients. This way you can find out exactly what’s in each variety.
Where does the water used in Capri-Sun come from?
For Capri-Sun we only use water sourced from certified wells. The water undergoes regular microbiological and chemical testing by our internal laboratory as well as by official authorities.
What does the best-before date mean?
The best-before date of a food or beverage product refers to the date until which the product, if stored properly, will maintain its specific characteristics. The best-before date of Capri-Sun is carefully calculated. Unopened Capri-Sun products will maintain their superior quality until the best-before date specified on the pouch.
Who came up with the ingenious idea of a drink pouch?
The founder of our company Rudolf Wild invented the Capri-Sun drink pouch. After all, he was not only a flavour expert with a thirst for new drinks, but he also had lots of great ideas. The Capri-Sun drink pouch is unique in its quality.
Why does Capri-Sun only come in drink pouches?
The flexible drink pouch is not only the Capri-Sun trademark, but also offers lots of benefits: it perfectly protects the content, is lightweight, durable and practical, and therefore ideal for just about any adventure. No bottle can claim the same. It’s also eco-friendly.
How does the Capri-Sun find its way into the drink pouch?
Now that’s a hot topic! We fill the pouch with the fruit juice drink at over 80 °C, so Capri-Sun doesn’t require any additional preservatives and stays fresh a lot longer. The airtight drink pouch is then sealed and the straw attached. That’s it! In fact, most of the work is done by machines we developed ourselves.
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