Your Journey at Capri Sun

At Capri Sun every door is open for you. If you want to become a specialist in your field or become a leader, there are many opportunities for a successful career and a lot of possibilities to grow.


We are committed to enable Capri Sun to grow and perform also in the future. In order for us to do that we understand that we need to invest in our people, their skills and capabilities. And at the same time we believe that successful development primarily happens on the job, not only in classrooms and is most effective if you take your success in your own hands and take the initiative.

At Capri Sun everybody receives a periodic feedback about their performance and expectations. In a conversation with the line manager our people talk about their aspirations and get feedback on potential career paths. They create their own development plan and define individual actions together with their manager. Such actions may include on-the-job tasks, stretch project assignments, mentoring, coaching or trainings etc.

The creation of the personal development plan is part of the annual performance cycle and is followed up by having structured talent discussions on performance and development plans on executive level.

We enable our people to grow professionally through trainings and other activities through

  • A wide range of in-house trainings (technical and leadership) offered to all employees in our organization.
  • Offerings that include e-learnings, webinars and class-room trainings delivered by internal or external experts.
  • Development Centers where our executives and senior managers spend their time helping our people to further grow.
  • External education where it makes sense and is in line with an agreed career outlook.

People development