The Father of Capri-Sun

The Father of Capri-Sun

In 1931, Rudolf Wild founded a company in Heidelberg specialising in ingredients for foodstuff. His philosophy: only natural food products and no chemicals!


The revolution begins

The Revolution Begins

Capri-Sun is born under its former name Capri-Sonne! For the very first time, a beverage in a stand-up pouch is sold in Germany. The first flavours are lemon and orange.


Not just a sickpack

Not Just a Sixpack

Capri-Sun becomes popular. Families now want a supply of Capri-Sun at home. The first ten-count carrier boxes in modern plastic are introduced to the market.


A round for the king

A round for the King

The legendary TV spots with the King of Boxing, Muhammad Ali, are the cornerstone of Capri-Sun’s new international success.


Now in Africa and Asia

Now in Africa and Asia: sunshine in a pouch

Since 1980, Capri-Sun is also available in Nigeria with the distinctive straw-pouch design.


That´s great!

That’s great

Capri-Sun is distinguished for the best new product launch in the United States. The drink pouch is awarded the coveted US medal for Packaging of the Year.


Small but market leader in Europe

Small, but market leader in Europe

Capri-Sun becomes the market leader in Europe.


And in the USA, too

And in the USA, too

Just two years after ascending to market leadership in Europe, Capri-Sun, with its flexible packaging and delicious fruity content, becomes the market leader in the USA as well.


The German secretary of environment declares...

The German Secretary of the Environment declares …

Capri-Sun packaging to be ‘ecologically advantageous’. Our pouch remains deposit-free.


A world record

A world record

In 2004, we broke our own world record. For the first time, over five bilion drink pouches are sold worldwide.


The sun shines with every twist of the cap

There’s sunshine in every twist of the cap

Capri-Sun has grown-up: the flavours Orange-Peach and Wild Berries are introduced to the European market in a new bigger pouch with a convenient new feature: the reclosable twist-off cap.


Into outer space

Into outer space

The European Space Agency (ESA) enhances  the Capri-Sun pouch for the use of the astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS). If that isn’t cool …


The Capri-Sun now sines in 119 countries

The Capri-Sun now shines in 119 countries

Capri-Sun is now enjoyed in 119 countries by little and tall ones alike. Wherever the Capri-Sun shines fun is right there. In 2014, our fans all over the world drank pouches of Capri-Sun!


Water with a dash of juice

Water with a dash of juice

Fruity Water is the Capri-Sun way of hydration: 97% water, a dash of juice and no added sugar in our iconic Capri-Sun pouch.


Just Fruit and Water – Nothing else!

Just Fruit and Water – Nothing else!

Our all new Product Range: Pure Fruit & Water. With 60% fruit and 40% water, nothing else! No added sugar, flavours or preservatives.


A new brand ambassador

A new brand ambassador

In 2017, we welcome our new brand ambassador. Follow us on social media to be up to date with his newest adventures.

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