97% water + 3% real fruit juice = Water fun

The recommended amount of liquid for children is 6-8 glasses per day but many parents will agree that achieving this can be quite a challenge. Mums have told us plain water sometimes just isn’t fun or exciting enough for kids.

That’s why we created Capri Sun Fruity Water, which is made from real fruit juice (3%), plus water (97%) and free from preservatives, artificial colours and flavours.

The addition of sucralose, means Capri-Sun Fruity Water tastes fruitier that your average water, so kids love it, whilst being majority water means they’ll rehydrate with every sip.

Mango - Passion Fruit

The exotic juices of mango and passionfruit are added to 97% water in this tangy Fruity Water.


Quickly quench your thirst with the addition of punchy blackcurrants to this 97% water drink.
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