Big Pouch. Big Refreshment.

Created for big ‘kids’ on the go, our Big Pouch brings the same great taste of Capri-Sun in a larger format, with a convenient resealable, cap for quick and easy hydration on-the-go.

Big Pouch comes in two varieties - Orange and No Added Sugar Orange and Lemon. Both are made with real fruit juice and spring water and are free from preservatives, artifical flavours and colours.

Open. Enjoy. Close. Repeat.
Nothing artificial here! Just the same great taste of our classic and most popular juicy orange flavour in a bigger pouch.

No Added Sugar
Orange - Lemon

Thanks to the natural sugars from the fruit juice and the addition of sucralose, we’ve sealed in the sweetness with none of the calories to our Orange and Lemon Big Pouch, so you can soak up its great taste without worrying about sugar intake.
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