Capri-Sun News

Summer 2019 - Limited Fantasy edition

Queen, dragon, mummy, mad scientist, elven queen, or yeti? You can see all these and many other fairy-tale creatures and monsters on the packaging of this year's limited edition of Capri-Sun drinks. This year the limited design is decorated with two popular flavors - Multivitamin and Orange. So which character do you like the best? :-)

Capri-Sun CUP

Unique hockey tournaments based on children's ideas - that's our Capri-Sun CUP ... 8 amazing hockey tournaments, special in-line summer series, summer hockey schools or coaching from NHL stars...that's what we do for the youngest hockey players - and who knows - maybe these guys will be next stars of NHL and our national team. :-) Find a tournament near you and find out what's happening in the small-sized hockey world on the facebook page of Capri-Sun CUP.

Capri-Sun Roadshow

Something cool is going on? Then bet we're there! Our amazing event team, led by acrobatic skier Lukáš Vokatý, is attending big events all over the Czech and Slovakia. For example, the Helicopter show in Hradec Králové, the Zlín Film Festival or Hell's Mine Festival - you can meet us there with our greatest pride - an inflatable climbing wall, probably the largest Capri-Sun pouch in the world. :-) Climbing performance can be complemented by activities such as discgolf, hockey shooting, football slalom and more. During Roadshows, Lukáš does not forget educate young gun a bit, so he cooperates with the Mountain Rescue Service and other rescue units. Where will he be next time? Write us and ask.

Capri-Sun Bike school

Since 2017 we bike the life with youngest cyclists, helping them to improve their skills and safety awareness, and last but not least, in a fun and refreshing way motivating them to move on more and more. Among other events, the Capri-Sun Bike School regularly appears on the Wood Bike Series or Fair Play Festival. Twice a year, we also organize a charity raffle, the proceeds of which are given to the local charity organizations. More about races, where you can find us with Bike school to be found here: :-)

We are the Capri-Sun – One Team

Our Capri-Sun team spread the fresh taste of fun – where it’s even possible … 🙂 We are there where something happens, we motivate children to move their bums, we make sport activities easier for families, we can complement family events with family accompanying programs, and so on … we just do everything we can to make the world around us a little more positive, cheerful and more on the move. 🙂 We are excited to support interesting projects, charity, sports, educational or cultural events. So if you know or organize such events, don’t be afraid to write us, and maybe we’ll meet there next time. 😉