Czech manufacturer of world beverage

Capri-Sun juices are produced for the Czech and Slovak markets by the family-owned company VITAR in Zlín, under an international license from Capri-Sun AG. In addition to these popular drinks, it is also a traditional manufacturer of food supplements and vitamins, and the market leader in segment of food supplements in retail chains and drugstores in the Czech Republic. We in VITAR also offer vitamins, minerals and other useful products in pharmacies and we export them to over 40 countries worldwide. Our family company was founded in 1990 and today it is one of the leading Czech producers of food supplements.

With a real global brand alongside

When Rudolf Wild founded a family business in 1931 that specialized in development and production of basic materials for food products, the Capri-Sun brand was still in sight. The legendary beverages, then called Capri-Sonne, were introduced in 1969. Since then, the brand has built a strong name and position and now has a production and distribution network literally all around the world, with a wide range of flavors and packaging options. All Capri-Sun drinks are kept in the most natural form possible - without artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives.
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